Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Foreclosures in Dade County

As of today there are over 700 foreclosures available for sale in Dade County. One can say that to search for foreclosures in Dade County is very easy due to the amount of them available and the truth is that even thought there are quite a few buyers and investors are finding difficult to get them. The number of interested buyers -“CASH BUYERS” exceeds the number of good foreclosed properties at a given time.
The supply is high but the number of people after good properties for sale in Dade County is also high.

As a result buyers are experiencing a bidding contest for properties that at the end sell much higher than the asking price.

In order to facilitate the search of foreclosures in Dade County and the search of homes for sale in Dade County Quality Service Realty has created an excellent search tool at their site http://www.qualityservicerealty.com/ It is very friendly easy to navigate and provides up dated information. In fact the site even offers new listings alerts and guidance as of how to make an offer to the foreclosures in Dade County.

In fact is very rewarding to visit Quality Service Realty website since it has a unique page http://www.qualityservicerealty.com/dade.html which provides with all foreclosures in Dade County by cities.

A home buyer or an investor will get every detail on each property available for sale in Dade County including foreclosures for sale in Dade County. A great service provided from Quality Service Realty, Inc.

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